Export contract
for 6 months
Export Accelerator Program
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The goal of the program — for participating companies is to enter into new export contracts in 2019-2020.
The goal of the program — for participating companies is to enter into new export contracts in 2019-2020.
Participating companies
About the program in numbers
hours of training and consultation
experts and curators of the project
educational module
Acceleration program days
Review of best practices from mentors
And also
Participating companies
About the program in numbers
hours of training and consultation
experts and curators of the project
educational module
Acceleration program days
Review of best practices from mentors
And also
Expected indicator
export contracts for the amount of
from 20 to 100 million rubles in 2019
What is the "Export contract for 6 months" acceleration program?
The acceleration program is an opportunity for SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses) to enter and expand their presence in foreign markets and sign an export contract within 6 months for Russian producers through training, mentoring and access to unique tools of state support for exporters.
For whom?
Entrepreneurs who understand why they need to export, but have not yet decided on which markets. Never sold for export.
There are no foreign trade specialists.
Export-oriented companies that have decided on export markets, but do not have a clear export and development plan. There are one-time export sales. They want to expand their presence and gain a foothold in new markets.
Experienced exporting companies that want to strengthen the foreign trade Department and speed up the entry to a new country or bring a fundamentally new product to the world market.
For which industries?
Production of technological equipment, footwear, clothing, woodworking, IT, agriculture, engineering, instrumentation, metalworking, etc.

Program features
The program was developed by experts in foreign economic activity for practical application
The process is divided into three training modules
Following the completion of each module, the participant performs a practical task
During the course of the module, the participant is in constant interaction with a personal mentor-expert
The ideal project team on the part of the acceleration program participants
  • The head of the company/Director of development
  • commercial Director
  • Marketing and advertising specialist/Director
  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Financial Director
  • Specialist in foreign economic activity
From practice, it is possible to form a team of two representatives from the company (key specialists, LPR)

Registration and submission of applications
Stages of participation in the program
Selection of participants
Start of the first educational module
Program participation

Conclusion of export contracts
The first shipment - implementation report
6 months
Registration and submission of applications
Stages of participation in the program
Selection of participants
Start of the first educational module
Program participation

Conclusion of export contracts
The first shipment - implementation report
6 months
Criteria for selecting participants
acceleration program:
The company must be registered in the region
Availability of a product/service that may be potentially in demand in other countries
Export contract for 6 months
Program structure
3 educational modules for 2 days
+ weekly curation + marketing review
from ExportDrive experts

I Module. "Preparing the company for export"
2 days. 16 hours
1. Export project

  • What does work in export markets give Russian companies
  • The life cycle of an export project
  • What should be done to enter export markets
  • Project approach to the company's entry into export markets
  • The goal of the export project
  • Forming a team to implement an export project and distributing roles among participants
  • Using the agile approach in organizing the work of the export project team
  • Minimization of risks export project
  • Creating a description of the export project and its «protection»
  • Development of a road map for an export project

2. Selecting countries for export and adapting the product to customer requirements

  • What criteria should be used to identify countries that are favorable for exporting Your products
  • What sources and databases to use for "Desk" marketing research
  • Scoring the selected markets
  • Assessment of the competitive environment in selected markets
  • Algorithm for working with marketing agencies when conducting "field" market research
  • How to adapt a product for export markets
  • Product certification
  • Trademark registration
  • Marketing "packaging" of the product for entering the markets of the selected countries

Inter-module assignment.
4 weeks
As a result, 1 module:
In the 1st module is the selection of countries for export are determined by the requirements of buyers to a product, formed a description of the export project and the team to implement it, prepared road map for the development of exports for 1 year. An overview of the markets of the target countries is organized.

II Module. "Export marketing. Sales channel. Conversation"
2 days. 16 hours
    1. Choosing a model and sales channels

    • The model of sales in export markets
    • Sales channels in export markets (direct/ indirect, offline / online, etc.)
    • Sales strategies in target export markets

    2. Export marketing

    • Features of positioning in target export markets
    • Development and launch of a promotion program for target export markets
    • How to create a price policy for export markets

    3. Search for partners and consumers in export markets

    • How to attract partners/ consumers in export markets
    • Criteria for selecting potential partners (intermediaries)
    • Preparation of value propositions for partners/ customers
    • How to organize communication with potential buyers?
    • Using events (exhibitions, business missions) to find buyers

    4. Preparation of financial terms of the contract

    • Calculation of financial terms of the contact: what is the price
    • The rules of formation of effective commercial proposals

    Inter-module assignment.
    4 weeks
    As a result, 2 modules:
    Based on the results of the second module, models and sales channels for export markets are selected, a promotion program and a plan for attracting customers are formed, and financial terms of contact are worked out. A search for potential buyers is launched.

    III Module. "Export contract. Finance. Logistics. Customs"
    2 days. 16 hours
    1. Export contract

    • Export contract structure
    • Export legal issues
    • Financial and tax issues of export (VAT refund, etc.)
    • Rules for working with currency revenue
    • How to reduce currency risks

    2. Export logistics and customs

    • Development of logistics schemes for export
    • Organization of transport and warehouse logistics for export
    • Features of working with customs when delivering products for export

    3. State support program

    • Export information and consulting support
    • Reimbursement of expenses for participation
    • Using the resources of the support network to organize negotiations with customers in other countries
    • Credit and export insurance

    Inter-module assignment.
    4 weeks.
    As a result, 3 modules:
    Following the results of the third module, financial, legal, logistics, and tax issues are being worked out for concluding an export contract. Negotiations are underway and an export contract is signed.
    How was it
    Video presentation

    Video reviews
    Kirill Blistanov, SP " Zharkova O. L."
    Igor Kryukov "3D technologies" and Elena Ryazanova LLC NPP " Metra"
    Anton Moskalkov, LLC "Rost-agro"
    Olga Goryunova, LLC " Habitat"
    Aidar Ildarov, VMC invest"
    Kirill Meerovich, LLC " Korall"
    Igor Timoshin, LLC "Policyp"
    Dmitry Nikishin, LLC " Tents and Awnings"
    What will the participants of the program get from the program?
    Formed and trained
    team of exporters for further contract

    Conclusion of the export agreement

    48 hours
    of full-time training
    More than 100 hours of personal consultations for the company
    What do you get from the program?
    • The result expressed in the export contract
    • Practical experience
    • New knowledge
    • Networking and communication with leading companies in the region
    • Direct contacts and new opportunities from experts
    • Motivation and step-by-step algorithm of actions for the entire team
    • Formed export program for development
    • Creating a successful model for the subsequent sale of other products in export markets

    Benefits for participants
    Getting a contract in a short period of time
    Ongoing support from the experts-curators of the project
    Real assistance to each participant from Federal funds
    And also
    As part of the integrated work, participants have the opportunity to receive additional information from regional CES:

    • Exhibition and fair event
    • Participation in business missions
    • Examination of the export contract
    • Marketing research
    • Creating or upgrading a website in a foreign language
    • Preparation and translation of presentation materials
    • Placement on electronic trading platforms (for example, Alibaba, etc.)
    • Creating a commercial offer

    It is also possible for program participants to receive additional funding for other services that may be in demand as part of the program. ExportDrive offers a 15% discount on possible additional services during work within the project.
    How much does it cost to participate in the program?
    * detailed estimates on request
    Paid by the project participant
    From Federal funds it finances
    regional CPE
    How to get into the program?
    1. Register and fill out the form

    2. Hold a meeting and assess your company's readiness for export activities
    Project manager
    +7 (930) 750-04-28 | export-drive@yandex.ru

    The Participants Of The Export Accelerator

    production of self-propelled robotic warehouse trucks AGV
    supplier of equipment for milk processing and storage
    production of raised floors, laminated wall panels
    Shoe factory
    Trading house «KVT»
    Cable lugs, couplings, heat shrink, electrical tools, SIP JSC fittings
    Production of industrial filters, elements of clean rooms and air purification
    Tents and awnings
    Production, sale and rental of tents and pavilions
    Supplier of aluminum profiles
    Development, implementation and production of new types of metal furniture that have no analogues in the Russian market.
    OOO "Kama-YUG"
    PE Ayvazyan A. A.
    Vegan marshmallows
    OOO "Galactic"
    PE Sementsova Irina Nikolaevna
    Design Studio Toys Oksana Yarmolnik
    PE Zharkova O. L.
    Habitat LLC"
    FMI "Lubomir"
    Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
    Wholesale trade in machinery, equipment and tools for agriculture
    PE Kovaleva
    St. Nicholas gingerbread
    And others
    export-oriented companies, one of the leaders in their industries.
    Information partner
    Presidential program in Kaluga region
    Expand the boundaries of your business and get new features!
    The first export accelerator with a unique training
    program and support from the state
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